What is Remote-Office?

Remote-Office is a service that allows you to simply and securely connect to a remote Windows PC from any internet connected Windows PC.

Designed to be installed and used by the non-technical PC user - Remote-Office doesn't require you to find our IP addresses or firewall settings. You can be up and working in minutes.

Remote-Office gives you the freedom to travel, stay home sick, or work from home, all with quick and easy access to your work PC.

How can Remote-Office help me?
  • Traffic Bad? - Stay at home and still get your work done.
  • At the bach but need to get that quote finished and sent?
  • Nasty cold but deadlines still to meet?
  • Overseas on holiday but want to 'keep an eye' on work?
  • Meeting with clients but forgot the info that they needed?
  • Out for dinner but need to check for an important email?
What\'s the first step?
  1. Request a free one month no obligation trial account.
  2. Download and install Remote-Office on both PC's. 
  3. Start Remote-Office , login to your account and start working!
Will it work on my PC?
You can connect from any supported version of Microsoft Windows (Windows 7, Vista, Windows 8)
You can connect to any supported professional,business or ultimate version of Microsoft Windows (Windows 7, Vista, Windows 8)
Anywhere? Anytime?

Yes, you can use just about any high speed Internet connected PC (refer to chart above) to connect to your home and/or work PC.  

  • Control the remote PC as if you were there
  • Print from your remote PC to your local printer*
  • Copy Files between remote and local PC's

*printer driver must be installed on local PC..

Want to know more? - Email